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The Round Table Sponsorship roundtable
Align your organisations with companies that have been recognised as the best, by the government, and awarded a Queen's Award  by sponsoring a Round Table discussion. roundtables bring together Queens Awards winners to discuss their businesses, their successes and provide inspiration.

Round Table discussions are based on the Queen's Award categories, innovation, international trade, sustainable development, and promoting opportunity through social mobility.

The Round Tables are held on Zoom and the discussion, between 8 to 10 participants informs articles and podcast that can be accessed from

Being a sponsor
As a sponsor your organisation's  will,
Be invited to participate in the Round Table.
Provide a topic that will be discussed at the Round Table.
A report (350 to 500 words) that can be accessed from
1 email sent to all Queen's Award winners from 2020, 2021 and 2022 is a key source of information for an audience of 3 million unique users made up of business owners, entrepreneurs, employees, decision-makers, investors and those working in finance and professional services.

Round table schedule 2022
June                                           International Trade
July                                            Innovation
September                               Sustainable Development


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