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King's Award for International Trade

Podium Pet Products: Achieving in business for King and country


Carina was the first woman to complete the Cresta run in St Moritz, 

Carina Evans has achieved great success in multiple arenas, including representing the UK as part of the GBR Bob Skeleton Team and serving her country in the British armed forces. 

Her greatest business accomplishment has been with her company, Podium Pet Products, which has won both the Queen's Award in 2016 and the King's Award for Enterprise for International Trade.

Podium Pet Products is a manufacturer and importer of natural and innovative wellbeing products for animal companions, including the "hero" brand, Dog Rocks that prevent pet urine from ruining lawns. 

Carina has also launched Be:Loved, a range of natural lifestyle and wellness products for pets that come in sustainable, non-plastic packaging designed by the team behind Jo Malone’s candles.

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Carina credits her success in business to her experiences in the Cresta Run, the famous Swiss toboggan ice chute in St Moritz, where she became the first woman to complete the run in its 90-year history. 

“I know if I’m at the top of a Cresta run I have my life in my hands. I need to keep my line keep my head and take multiple decisions in a split second, 

That is far more difficult than negotiating a contract or having to face a difficult conversation with somebody.” Said a smiling Carina.

Despite the challenges of being a small business owner, Carina feels blessed to have the support of a mainly female-led team and to have the freedom to make decisions with the full support of her co directors.

She is also able to pursue activities that keep her healthy, both mentally and physically, such as walking, surfing, and her winter sport.

In the short term, her focus for Podium Pets is on growth., In the long term, she aspires to partner with another like-minded business and eventually sell Podium Pet Products. 

However, she has no plans to slow down and hopes to travel to India to meet the Dalai Lama and pursue her passion for training or bringing on racehorses.

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Podium Pets logo.png
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