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Winners' podcasts

Working in the most dangerous environments on earth

Andy Barr's company Barrnon works in some of the most dangerous environments on earth. Find out how he invented a machine to make Cheesy Wotsits and clean up the legacy of the USA's first atomic bomb.

From prison to employment

Samantha Graham could help you find your next, motivated, and trusted employee!
Sam runs Clean Sheet UK, a Queen's Award-winning charity that helps ex-offenders find employment.
Since its launch, Clean Sheet has helped over a thousand people to get a job and turn their lives around.
Broaden your recruitment horizons with Sam Graham and Clean Sheet.

On the soapbox

This episode of the Queen's Awards Winners' podcast with Emma Heathcote-James, has all the excitement of a prime-time soap opera. 
Discover how Emma's Gran's soap collection was a catalyst that led to Little Soap Company.

This is an inspirational journey, that’s taken Emma’s soaps from stalls at Farmers' markets to the aisles of major retailers. 

Crucially. Throughout this odyssey. Emma remained true to her eco values.

Reach out to Emma at

Tommy Cooks up a multinational

In this podcast, we hear from Tommy Cook, the founder, and CEO of Calnex Solutions, makers of test equipment for the global telecoms sector.

Being an entrepreneur was never in Tommy's game plan. On becoming redundant in 2006, his plan was to run the start-up until he could find another engineering job.

He never did find that job. The result is Calnex, a multinational company being run from central Scotland.

Reach out to Tommy at

Bursting for a pea

This is the story of how fidgeting with a Bic pen gave the Quinn brothers an idea that is changing how burst water pipes are fixed.
Listen in to dive deep with Michael Quinn of Qinov8 who talks about the brilliant idea that would become the Aquapea.

A little glitter

Here we dive deep with former scuba diving school and shop owner, Cheryl Hadland, the founder of Tops Day Nurseries,. Hear as Cheryl explains how seeing glitter going down the plug-hole was a pivotal moment for her and her business.

She started replacing single-use plastics throughout the nurseries and fitted solar panels despite pushback from other directors. 
Not satisfied with her impact on her own company, Cheryl wrote a book to show other nurseries how they too can lessen their environmental impact.

​​​​​​​Cheryl is a woman determined that future generations will inherit a planet worth inheriting.

What success smells like

Tajinder Banwait, Founder and Managing Director of Urban Apothecary London has a nose for business. Her love of scent was kindled working on the perfume counter of a department store. Find out how this love blossomed into an award-winning multinational scent company - Urban Apothecary London.

Sustainable upskilling

Making camping gear not boring

How would you address a skills shortage in your sector? Faced with this issue, Shaun McCarthy started a school.

50,000 members and ten years later the Supply Chain Sustainability Schoolis used by the largest and the smallest businesses in the construction sector to take steps to reduce their impact on the environment.

Be inspired by Shaun’s vision, his achievements, and his impact on business practice.

Here we talk to Daniel Walton founder of international outdoor leisure company Olpro, who has bought camper vans for the staff and encourages them to get out of town and into the wilds which he is committed to protecting and so far has planted over 7000 trees.

Here Daniel also reveals how the blandness of tents and awnings spurred him on to start Olpro and add some colour. 

Daniel also discusses how Brexit allowed Olpro to get ahead of its competitors and how customer feedback is the foundation of their innovation.

Rockit fuelled growth

Matt Dyson and his brother-in-law,  have built Rockit, a multinational company in just five years with only two employees!

Find out how a child that just wouldn't sleep inspired the Rockit Rocker an infants' sleep aid used by parents across the world.

This is a great story that is sure to inspire.

Let's Rockit Roll!!!

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