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UK investigation and intelligence experts tooling up crime fighters on a global scale

Rob Sinclair, CEO, of Altia.jpeg

A company that offers its clients savings in time and money while providing expertise and excellence in everything it does at the same time as helping to increase the detection and awareness of fraud has to have huge market appeal.

Many might claim it, but in practice, many fall short, whatever the sector.

Software for overt and covert operations

That’s not the case for Altia who provides investigation software for overt and covert operations in the public and private sector. They have just won a 2021 Queen’s Award for international trade precisely because they have, without question, become leaders in their field and whose services are growing in demand.

Working in 22 countries

As proof, take the fact that when Altia made the decision to prepare their submission for this prestigious enterprise award they were operating in 17 countries. Now as they proudly lift their gong, they have a presence in 22.

Take also that they work with every law enforcement agency in the UK, a number of UK Government departments and regulatory authorities, government agencies and tax authorities overseas and it suggests that this a first-class cutting edge company. 

Further proof, if it were needed, is a controlled test by a UK Government authority that revealed that 80 percent of their time was saved when they used Altia software to analyse financial transactions.








CEO Rob Sinclair, above, joined the company four years ago and in 2020 led an MBO and found willing investors in NorthEdge who perfectly aligned to the company vision and organisational ethics.

By then Altia had opened an office in Calgary, Canada in 2017 and a year later targeted the Asia Pacific region by opening an office in Melbourne, Australia.

60 people

Rob, who leads a staff of 60 people including former law enforcement personnel, said: “For a business of our size we are in a fortunate position that we punch well above our weight. 

“When people look for services in our sector, they look for the best of breed and that typically tends to come from the UK and so we want to take that reputation, our knowledge, and experience out globally. 

Global reach

“Our offices in Canada and Australia help to broaden our reach. Because we provide an ecosystem of solutions that can support any investigator whether that’s a covert, financial, complex crime, fraud detection, brand protection, we can offer solutions that can support and make an investigator’s life easier.

“And our solutions are really agnostic so we are now looking to take this further into the private sector and in other countries.

“We listen to the ever-changing demographic of crime – and Covid-19 has obviously been part of that – so we are always evolving our specialist investigation software solutions. Some of what we do we can’t shout about for obvious reasons, but it all comes down to wanting to give something back and to make investigators’ lives easier, giving them the tools to do their job better and more efficiently.”


In a fast-moving sector, Altia, is agile enough to meet the demands of its growing of roster of clients who face the daily challenge of combating increasingly sophisticated criminal and fraudulent behaviors. A Queen’s Award not only recognises their success so far but opens the door to more.

Rob Sinclair, CEO

Rob said: “Receiving this award is a fantastic achievement and it recognises the effort our team has put in over the last few years in making an impact internationally. 

“This though, I believe, is just the start and we have an exciting future with new functionality, solutions, and modules to launch which will take us and our customer base to the next level.” 

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