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Rockit fuelled growth. How to build a multinational company in five years with two employees

Matt Dyson and his brother-in-law,  have built Rockit, a multinational company in just five years with only two employees!

Find out how a child that just wouldn't sleep inspired the Rockit Rocker an infants' sleep aid used by parents across the world.

This is a great story that is sure to inspire.

Let's Rockit Roll!!!

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From beans on toast to champagne toasts

“I used to hide my van so my customers couldn’t see it,” said Darren Wilkinson, founder and managing director of water treatment service company Vexo.

Listen in as Darren leads us through his personal journey to build Vexo.

A journey that required tough skin, grit, belief in the product, teamwork, national and international recognition.
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 Five steps to becoming a successful innovator

In this edition of Queen's Awards Winners' Takeaway, we meet  Mark Davies, innovator, learner, author, and founder of Queen's Award-winning company ThinkOTB.

Mark, who has guided companies from across the globe to become successful innovators, explains how innovation can be taught and leads us through his 5 stage process of innovation.

 Become an award-winning exporter

"Be aware of cultural differences and know when to walk away". Just two of the takeaways on succeeding in exporting from this edition of the Queen's Awards Winners' Takeaway podcast with Jennifer Mackenzie, The and Jack Hopper, AgbioInvestor.